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What is KAS - Kapatiran Arnis System?

Many students ask if KAS is a style or a organization which promotes Filipino Martial Arts,it is both. The name Kapatiran means brotherhood and this is what we are. Formed in Feburary 2001 by 9th. Degree Grand Master John Harvey and his instructors who are all well known in Great Britain and Europe. This group consists of 6th degree Master Jude Tucker former WEKAF British, European and World Champion.


Grand Master John Harvey who before he retired was WEKAF British, European and World Champion. Well known on the stick circuit locally and internationally as John "machine gun" Harvey because of his very fast abaniko strikes. Grand Master John Harvey has been training in the Philippines since 1989 when he was part of a delegation from Master Bob Breens Academy who went to take part in the first WEKAF World Championships which was held in Cebu. Grand Master John Harvey has trained with many people in the Philippines but every time that he has arrived in Cebu he has trained with Grand Master Prudencio "Ondo" Caburnay of Lapunti Arnis de Abanico and recently he has been training with Grand Master Nick Elizar.


These are two of the many Grand Masters who have influenced Grand Master John Harvey in KAS. In KAS we use the fast abanico strikes from Lapunti and close range strikes of Grand Master Nick Elizar from Balintawak.Many people have influenced Grand Master John Harvey over the many years he has been training in FMA and with his skill as a stickfighter KAS is growing steadly. The group was formed by good competition fighters but they are all dedicated to the promotion of Filipino Martial Arts. This includes traditional Filipino Martial Arts as well as the sport.


This small group of martial artists led by Grand Master John Harvey have gathered round them like-minded students whose sole interest is to promote FMA in Great Britain and are free from the politics of larger groups who seem to be interested more in self promotion than Filipino Martial Arts.